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Welcome to Ale Disc Golf Center - a disc golf gem that takes the experience to a whole new level! Here, amidst lush forests and picturesque landscapes, you will find one of the world's most prominent disc golf facilities. Warmly welcome to book your playing time today!

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We are proud to have been recognized for our quality and commitment to the world of disc golf. Ale Discgolf Center offers courses that challenge beginners and experienced players alike. With carefully designed fairways and strategically placed baskets, every round is an exciting journey.

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Here you will find exciting articles and interesting stories about what is happening with us at Ale Discgolf Center. We share the latest events on the course, training tips, and upcoming events with us. 

Hole 10 at Ale Discgolf Center

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Events and competitions for disc golf

We are passionate about offering you a varied and colorful calendar of disc golf experiences. Whether you're a competitive player, a dedicated practice seeker or simply a disc golf enthusiast who loves to socialize, we have something special for you! Check out the calendar

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Good to know

Here you will find everything you need to know about disc golf. Deep dive into rules, discs and techniques to improve your game and reach new heights.

Ale DGC, med sina tre magnifika banor, grundades 2013 av Jonas, Camilla och deras pålitliga följeslagare Dan. Deras engagemang och

Person using health care allowance for disc golf

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How do you play disc golf?

Lär dig spela discgolf på rätt sätt! Discgolf är en fascinerande sport som kombinerar precision, teknik och friluftsupplevelser. I denna

What is disc golf?

Discgolf regler: Allt du behöver veta Discgolf (kallas även frisbeegolf) är en starkt växande idrott och rekreationssport som har mycket

Frequently asked questions & answers about Disc Golf

For those who are new to the world of disc golf, or for those who haven't played for a while, you can find the most common questions and answers about disc golf here.

Disc golf is a Frisbee sport similar to traditional golf but instead of clubs and balls, players use special Frisbee discs. The aim of the game is to throw the disc into a target basket in as few throws as possible. Players throw from a starting point and keep throwing until they reach the target, or basket. The player who completes the entire course with the least number of throws wins.

Important information on disc golf
  1. Disc golf is a sport that combines precision and skill in throwing.
  2. The goal is to throw the disc into the target basket in fewer throws than your opponents.
  3. The courses vary in length and difficulty, providing a challenging gaming experience.

To play disc golf you mainly need discs and a disc golf course. At Ale you will find courses that suit the beginner as well as the more experienced. The discs are available in different variants that are adapted for different types of throws. The most common types are for drive throws, intermediate throws and putting. The disc golf course consists of a series of target baskets that are placed at different distances and terrain.

Briefly about disc golf equipment?

  1. Discar varies in weight, shape and material depending on the purpose of the throw.
  2. A typical disc golf course has 18 holes, but there are also courses with more or less holes.
  3. It is important to follow the rules to maintain fair play during the game. More information on rules can be found on our rules page.
In disc golf, the score is calculated by recording the number of throws it takes for a player to reach the target basket. Each throw counts as a stroke. For example, if a player reaches the target basket on their fourth throw, they have made four throws. The player with the lowest total number of throws after all holes have been played wins the match.

  1. The aim is to have as few throws as possible, as fewer throws give a better result.
  2. If two or more players have the same total number of throws after all holes, a playoff may be required to determine the winner.
  3. Having a strategy for when to use different types of discs can affect the number of throws required to reach the target.
Basic rules in disc golf include that players must throw from platforms that are marked out as throws. After each throw, players continue to throw from the spot where the disc landed until they reach the target. Players should avoid throwing when there are obstacles between them and the target basket. A throw that lands outside the court results in a penalty loop. For more information on the rules of the game, please refer to rules in disc golf.

  1. The throwing order follows a set sequence, usually based on the number of throws each player made on the previous hole.
  2. If the disc gets stuck in a tree or an obstacle, the seeker gets a free shot and continues play from that position.
  3. Respect for other players and the course is important, as well as following the specific rules of the course in question.
To choose the right disc for different throws, players need to understand the different characteristics of the discs:

  • Drive disks are designed for longer throws from the ejection point.
  • Intermediate or fairway discs are used for controlled throws at medium distances.
  • Putting disks are designed for precision throws close to the target basket.

More on choosing the right disc:

  1. Discs have different degrees of stability that affect their flight path. A more stable disc tends to maintain a straighter trajectory, while a less stable disc may end up in a curve.
  2. Beginners are advised to start with a lighter and more stable disc to increase the chances of getting a desired flight path.
  3. Practicing with different types of discs and understanding their flight characteristics can help players improve their throwing over time.

There are many names for this sport, including disc golf. Although the sport is called disc golf, many people refer to the sport as Frisbee golf. Apart from the name, there is no other difference between frisbee golf and disc golf. 

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As a big THANK YOU to all of you who participated and donated to Ale's Kickstarter, we present here the Digital Wall of Ale. It is thanks to your donations that the launch of Ale has been possible! 

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