What are the steps?

Every Wednesday at 18:30 PDGA-sanctioned C-Tier is played at Ale Gul. No license is required. For non-annual card holders, you pay green fees in the shop no later than 18:00 the same day. With the Ladder, you climb up or down in a ranking list. This ranking list is the basis for each new week's play. Where the best start on hole 1, followed by the next four on hole 2 etc.

Competition rules
  • To be sure of getting a place, you need to register by Tuesday 22:00. The booking system will then be adjusted and a maximum limit will be set for Wednesday's competition.
  • Mandatory check-in between 13:30-17:30 in Tjing.
  • Starting holes come out no later than 18:10

How does the Ladder work?

In the first round all participants are randomized to a starting hole, we use hole 1, 2 and further until all players have a starting hole. Whether you climb up or down the Ladder depends on how you play compared to the others in the card.

Who climbs up, stands still, or climbs down?
- In fourballs, two go up and two go down. In three-ball, one goes up, one stays and one goes down.

If there is a tie between two or more players, the advantage goes to the player who was at the bottom of the ranking list before the round.

Updated lists for the Ladder are posted outside the shop.

Prize table
As each competition costs 575:- while the cost of participation is low, the prize table will be limited. Everything will be added to the total Top-3, as well as a raffle prize after the last competition.

To win the Ladder you have to play leadcard during the last day of the competition.

1:a - The winner of those who start on hole 1 in the last competition of the Ladder.

2:a - The second place winner of those who start on hole 1 in the last competition of the Ladder.

3rd - The winner of those starting on hole 2 in the last competition of the Ladder.

The roast on ale disc golf center