Use your wellness grant for disc golf!

Disc golf is not only a fantastically fun and challenging sport, it can also be a great way to use your wellness allowance.

Use your fitness allowance for something fun!

You do know that disc golf at exercise level is okay according to the Swedish Tax Agency to take as wellness care? Just don't forget to check with your company first.

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Health care

Can I use my wellness grant for disc golf?

Yes, you can definitely use your wellness grant to play disc golf .

Disc golf is a physical activity that promotes exercise and well-being. Many employers accept disc golf as an approved activity for the wellness allowance.

This means that you can use your grant money to cover certain costs related to disc golf such as the purchase of green fees and even participation in recreational disc golf competitions.

How do I apply for a disc golf wellness grant?

To use your wellness allowance for disc golf, start by contacting your employer or human resources department for information on their specific rules and processes.

In most cases, you will be required to complete an application and attach receipts or proof of your disc golf-related expenses. Make sure you follow the employer's guidelines carefully to ensure your application is approved.

Frequently asked questions and answers about disc golf wellness grants

Here you can read frequently asked questions and answers about using the wellness allowance to play disc golf .

No, membership in a disc golf club is not always necessary to use the disc golf wellness allowance. It also depends on your employer's rules.

The maximum amount you can use varies depending on your employer and their guidelines. Contact your employer to find out about any limits.

Yes, if your employer allows it, you can use the wellness allowance to cover entry fees, as long as it is at a fitness level, for disc golf competitions.