Bookings in Sweetspot
- Full refund in Sweetspot for cancellations at least 3h before the booked time, these are done via the booking portal
- Max 4 people per group
- All rounds on the Yellow & White course require that you have booked in Sweetspot. We can help you with this during the shop's opening hours
- Do you want to book a whole group even if there are less than 4 of you playing? During shop opening hours this can be done for 50:- per seat.

Annual Pass/Play Card
- Read carefully what each card entails
- If you are injured and cannot play for more than 4 months. Bring a medical certificate and we will extend your playing card by 50% of the estimated time of absence.

Rental discs
- If you lose a rental disc, you will be charged 100:-

We reserve the right to make any typing errors
We reserve the right to make any obvious errors in the booking system, which may result in subsequent debits