About Ale Disc Golf Center

We are Ale Disc Golf Center

Work began at Easter 2013. The vision was to offer a world-class disc golf facility. Jonas Grundén, Camilla Jernberg and Dan Johansson made the facility possible and worked on it.

The tracks were operated as toll tracks to finance the continuous maintenance and development of the tracks and facilities.

There are two separate 18-hole courses and a shorter 9-hole course. The white course has more open and longer holes and the yellow course consists of trickier holes in a more closed forest environment.

The blue nine-hole course has shorter holes and is ideal for beginners or more experienced players who want to practice their approach and putting. There is also a shop, toilets, water, a putting area and a driving range.

In the spring of 2021, the track was closed, but this proved to be temporary. From spring 2023, the tracks will reopen, thanks to a new effort by Vincent Schaffler, Erik Mellgren and Simon Terbrant Säfström. You can find ongoing information here: Facebook page.

About Ale Discgolf center


This has happened over the years
  • Founded 28 March.
  • Planning and start of construction of white and yellow disc golf course.
  • Renovation of the machine hall.
  • Demolition of the old residential building.
  • Started construction of the shop building.
  • Completed shop building.
  • First PDGA-sanctioned competition (C-tier), this was held on a makeshift course consisting of nine holes from the white and yellow courses respectively.
  • Renovation of barn.
  • The yellow lane was opened.
  • First PDGA-sanctioned competition on a permanent course (the yellow course).
  • Weekly tours Aletouren started.
  • The white lane was opened.
  • First PDGA-sanctioned competition with B-tier.
  • First multi-day competition.
  • First race to use both tracks.
  • Renovation of the coffee room.
  • Completion of the driving range.
  • Putting area opened.
  • The permanent white track was opened. Some holes were changed but all holes had proper drafts, fairways and greens.
  • First PDGA-sanctioned competition with A-tier.
  • Opened the driving range.
  • Fixed opening hours in the shop.
  • First race with a big crowd: at least 340 cars with spectators watched the final.
  • The first real major international competition was played here when the finals of the finest European tour (EuroProTour) were played here.
  • First race where all participants competed on both yellow and white courses
  • First three-day competition
  • First competition with a foreign organiser when a leg of Norway's national tour was played here.
  • First summer employee.
  • Expansion of parking and substantial improvement of existing parking.
  • First competition on yellow course with pro-draft.
  • First permanent job.
  • Completion of the blue course (nine holes) designed for beginners.
  • The plant was closed by the previous owner
  • The plant got a new owner
  • Alegruppen AB takes over the operation of Ale Disc Golf Center
  • New baskets on the Yellow & White track
  • The facility opens on 1 April

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Ale Disc Golf Center
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