Rules of order at Ale

For everyone's peace of mind, the following official disc golf rules must always be followed:


A player may not:

  • Throw if the throw could damage or interfere with other players, persons, vehicles or animals.
  • Behave unsportsmanlike by:
    • shout
    • swear,
    • hitting, kicking, or throwing court materials or player equipment.
  • Clean up, this includes cigarette butts!

PDGA Rule § 812 Courtesy


A player may not break, bend or hold back any part of the vegetation to make room for a throwing motion or the disc's flight path towards the basket. The rule requires you to get to your spot behind the disc in the manner that least disturbs the vegetation.

"Backing into" vegetation while preparing for the throw, or otherwise being negligent, is immediately punished by a penalty throw (without warning). Breaking branches may also result in the person being suspended from the area.
PDGA Rule § 803 Obstructions


All players should try to keep pace with the group in front. In practice, this means that the group of players should not consist of more than four players and that the group walks briskly so as not to slow down the groups behind. Slower groups should keep an eye on the rear to let faster groups pass.

PDGA Rule § 3.02

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