Basic rules of Disc Golf

What is disc golf?

Disc golf (also known as Frisbee golf) is a fast-growing sport and recreational activity that has a lot to offer and is attracting more and more practitioners all over the world; in Finland, the number of practising disc golfers has now surpassed the number of regular golfers.

Our blue course is designed to introduce beginners to the sport. The course comes with a caddy book that introduces one or more new rules per hole, so if you're a beginner, the blue course with the accompanying caddy book is a great way to introduce yourself to the sport.

Why disc golf?

The appeal of throwing a disc combined with the competitive element and being out in nature with friends is part of what attracts players. As the name suggests, the rules are similar to those of ball golf but instead of a ball and club, a frisbee is thrown, and instead of holes, baskets are used as targets. Disc golf is easy to start with, but at the same time very difficult to master.

Ale Discgolfcenter offers a varied nature with rural farm environment, beautiful oak forest, deep spruce forest, exciting differences in altitude, watercourses and ancient monuments.

Find out why disc golf has become the fastest growing sport.

Basic rules of disc golf in brief

Always make sure that the hole and adjacent roads are clear of people and animals before throwing.

Throwing scheme

  • The starting order is drawn on the first tee.
  • On the following throw, the player furthest from the basket plays first, the other players wait behind until this player has thrown so as not to risk being hit.
  • On the remaining tees, the player with the lowest number of throws on the previous hole throws first.
  • Feel free to pass faster groups that catch up with you during the round
  • It is recommended that groups do not consist of more than 4 players, otherwise the round will take much longer.


  • The position where the disc landed is where you will throw the next roll from. The location is marked with a marker disc or the disc already lying. The foot must be within 30 cm directly behind the mark when the disc is released.
  • If the disc is OB (out of bounds), it is played from where the disc crossed the OB line, the player then also gets a duty roll.

For more detailed rules see svenskdiscgolf.se → discgolf

Please ask us if you have any questions about the rules or anything else. See Find us or come in and talk to us in the shop.


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