The Open 2018

The Open is an event on the Euro Pro Tour and a PDGA A-tier event, the tournament dates are 20–22 of July 2018, the week after the major event Konopiště Open.

Already under our first heading, we want to inform you how important it is that you book your room at the player hotel as soon as possible.

The Swedish west coast is a very popular tourist attraction during our summer and the same week as our event, the world’s largest soccer tournament — Gothia Cup — is played in Gothenburg, they have more than 1,700 teams from 80 nations so please book your room (and travels) as soon as you can.


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If anything changes during the event, this is also where the changes will be posted first.


The two courses that will be used during the event are located at the same location — Ale Discgolfcenter — which gives us some advantages other organizers might not have. While the players compete on different courses everything else is shared: you’ll warm up on the same driving-range, putting area, eat and hang out in the same area.

The white course is a genuine championship course and the yellow course (which at first glance might seem easy) is tougher than it looks. We strongly believe that this combination: a long and more open course and a tricky forest course, together will crown the best disc golfers.


The event has two divisions:

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All players will play two rounds per day — one yellow and one white on Friday and Saturday — and one round on Sunday.

The players that qualify for the A final will play the Sunday round on the white course and the remaining players will play in the B final on the yellow course, see the schedule for more information.

Players’ hotel

The players’ hotel is located 12 km from the courses, see player’s hotel for more information.