Swedish additions to the PDGA rules

Sweden has a couple of exceptions from the standard PDGA rules:

Rules for scoring

Each player fetches and returns their own scorecard. If a player forgets to return the scorecard after a round only this player will receive a penalty. Scorecards should be fetched even if live-scoring is used since they might be required as backup if live-scoring for some reason is not available.

Each player keeps the score of another player in the group besides hos own score, example of scorecard:

The two advantages by keeping double scores is that it is easier to keep a correct score and the risk of cheating is minimized.

Incorrect summary is not penalized.

Please let us know if anything is unclear regarding this procedure.

Most likely players will not have to think about these rules since live scoring will be used which handles this automatically.


Smoking is only allowed on marked locations. During the rounds smoking will be allowed on two places on the yellow course and on three locations on the white course. Smoking on other locations during the round results in a two stroke penalty, if it happens more than once the player can be disqualified; this includes E-cigarettes.

When smoking between the rounds we will have a marked area where we want you to smoke and all cigarette butts should be placed in ash trays and not left on the ground or in regular trash cans.