This event follow the the PDGA rules:

but we have some Swedish additions to the PDGA rules which also are applied.

We also have some course specific regulations that apply;

Ground under repair

If areas are marked with blue sticks this indicated ground under repair.
If your disc lands in this area, throw your following throw (without penalty) from the nearest point outside the area, even if this is closer to the basket.

Lost Disc vs Out of bounds (OB)

On most holes where there is a risk that the throw from tee ends up being lost the current PDGA rules specify that the disc should be rethrown with 1 penalty throw.

On these hole — where the risk for losing your disc is bigger — we’ve tried to use OB. The PDGA rules specify that if two violations occur on the same throw (and the penalty is the same for both violations) the first of the violations will apply, so if the disc crossed the OB line and then is lost, the disc should be played as if it went OB, and on most of these holes, for example yellow 3 and 7, and white 12 and 13, you will play your third shot from the drop-zone, if the disc is lost and you saw the disc cross the OB line.