We had 25 reserved wildcards for this event, which is the maximum number of supported wildcards by the PDGA Europe regulations.

All wildcards has been assigned.

Players that want a wild card (if any of he current wilcard players cancels) should send an email to the Tournament Director, of course it’s positive if you explain why you should receive a wildcard. There are many factors we will take into consideration, for example:

  • if you have registered and paid your registration fee,
  • gender (we promote FPO since the vast majority will be MPO players anyway), but we still want foursomes
  • rating (higher is better),
  • age (lower is better),
  • home country (if you travel a long way, you should be rewarded),
  • previous accomplishments (if you won the World Championship 10 years ago this is positive),
  • ambassador for the sport, if you’ve contributed to the development of the sport and have a positive attitude; and
  • your number on the waiting list (lower number is better).

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