Live scoring & smartphones

Our live scoring depend on players bringing smartphones on their rounds.

Please bring your charger so you can charge your phone between the rounds.

Live-scoring is a choice, you could always chose not to register but we appreciate if you do.

Live scoring with Spinn

To be able to use your smart-phone as a scorecard (which provides live-scoring) you will need to register on Spinn before the event. Players that chose not to register will be entered manually but we hope you will support us and make our live-scoring a success since this definitely is something that will move our sport forward.

Instructions regarding how you register and how live scoring works during the round will be posted well before the tournament.

Using smart-phones as scorecards has never earlier been allowed by PDGA. Specific Swedish events 2018 will evaluate how well it works and a summary with conclusions will be sent to PDGA after the season, which will determine if this is something that can be used on a larger scale. The Open is the only international event that will try to use genuine live-scoring.

After the round, players (as usual) will still need to evaluate and confirm their scores and sign the scores when they confirm they are correct. If PDGA allows us, this signature will also be digital.