”Fika” area

Fika is a Swedish word that is becoming more and more stablished as an international word and means to have a coffee, light snack, cookies, etc. The fika area is the area between the shop and the driving range, including the grill.

The sound volume in this area needs to be adjusted so the players on the closest holes are not disturbed.

If you bring your own food , bring the trash with you since our garbage handling is limited.


Our paying customers can use our grill for free from April until the end of September. Grilling is only allowed on the grill next to the shop, no own grills are allowed and grilling is not allowed after 8 PM.

Our grill offer three separate grills. If you grill your own food, please bring all trash with you since we don’t have room for it. You can leave the charcoal in the grill.

There is a smaller building next to the fika area — Fikastugan (Fika cabin)where you can seek shelter from harsh weather.

Larger companies

If you ar eten or more people that will use the grill, the grill needs to be booked and it costs 15 SEK per person. Tis includes charcoal, lighter fluid, matches and garbage disposal.