The entire facility closes the 31st of March,
after this date nothing will be available.
The information on these pages is not valid anymore.

Course opening hours

To be able to play the courses you need at least 1 disc. If you don’t have your own disc the pro shop needs to be open since you will need to rent or purchase a disc.

The yellow and blue course is open all year. We hope that the white course will be open from April through October, but this is also affected by the weather conditions.


Blue & Yellow course

The blue and the yellow courses are always open, all year and all hours of the day unless they are closed for an event.

See Pro shopPayment for instructions how to pay when the shop isn’t open.

White course

The white course is open during the summers, to see if the course is open see Closed courses.

Pro Shop opening hours

Divergent opening hours may occur during persistent rain.

March 10–14: weekends and holidays
April 10–17: weekends and holidays
May and June 1430–18: 26th–29th of May
16–18: Thursdays and Fridays
10–17: weekends and holidays
July 10–17: all days
August 13–18: weekdays
10–17: weekends
September 14–18: Monday – Thursday
10–17: weekends
October 19/10 – 31/10
Closed: Monday – Friday
10-15.00: Saturday – Sunday
November 10-14: weekends
December *10-14: weekends
*10-14: 28/12 – 30/12

*The Pro-shop is open weather permitting, i.e. it isn’t raining, too windy, or too cold for most people to be out playing. If you are in need of rental discs outside of opening hours, or have any other questions, send an email to and we will assist you.