NT #2: Ale Open


The Event


PDGA A-Tier: pdga.com/tour/event/31825
See chapter 11 (page 16) in pdga.com/pdga-documents/international/international-program-guide if you want to see how the different tiers differ.

PDGA exceptions/additions

Sweden has a couple of exceptions from the standard PDGA rules:

Rules for scoring

Each player fetches and returns their own scorecard. If a player forgets to return the scorecard after a round only this player will receive a penalty.

Each player keeps the score of another player in the group besides hos own score, example of scorecard:

The two advantages by keeping double scores is that it is easier to keep a correct score and the risk of cheating is minimized. Incorrect summary is not penalized..

Please let us know if anything is unclear regarding this procedure.


It is not allowed to smoke after the two minute signal until the scorecard has been returned, other forms of nicotine is allowed. Smoking during the round results in a two stroke penalty, if it happens more than once the player can be disqualified.

When smoking between the rounds all cigarett butts should be placed in ash trays and not left on the ground or in regular trash cans.

Event host

Hosting club: 360°

Tournament Director (TD): Christer Köhler
Phone: +46 707–48 45 04


Ale Discgolfcenter
Road Description


OB markers

OB will mainly be marked with white sticks but can also be marked in other ways, consult the caddy book for clarifications.

Ground under repair (blue sticks)

We also have blue sticks which mark ”ground under repair”. If your disc lands in this area, throw your following throw (without penalty) from the nearest point (even if this is closer to the basket) outside the marked area, you can place your marker up to one meter from the ground under repair area. You’re not allowed to start your run-up from the marked area, so if you’re unlucky and your disc lands i the front of the marked area your run-up for the following throw will be maximum 1 meter.

Currently these areas exists on white 4 (before the first sweetspot, estimated 80–90 meters from the tee) and surrounding the ditches on white 12. But depending on which weather we get it’s possible more areas will be marked between the round.

Player distribution

Maximum number of players 144
Open (MPO) 67
Female(FPO) 10
Master (MPM) 21
Female master (FPM) 4
Grand master (MPG) 8
Men junior (MJ1) 8
Female junior (FJ1) 4
Boy junior (MJ2) 8
Girl junior (FJ2) 4
Wildcard MPO 5
Wildcard non-MPO 5

Attendance registration

Friday 16.00–19.00 on Ale Discgolfcenter, attendance registration is also possible with SMS to phone +46 707–48 45 04.
State your namn, division and PDGA number in the SMS message.



All day Free practise, the courses will not be closed for regular visitors. Earlier days normal greenfees apply.
16.00–19.00 Attendance registration, it’s also possible to register by sending an SMS with your
name, division and PDGA number to phone +46 707–48 45 04
20:00 Groups are published on PDGA


Time White (MPO) Yellow (non-MPO)
8:30 Protocols ready for pickup Protocols ready for pickup
9:00 Round 1 start Round 1 start
12:00 Round completed
13:00 Round completed
13:30 Protocols ready for pickup
14:00 Protocols ready for pickup Round 2 start (sorted per division)
14:30 Round 2 start
16:30 Round completed
18:30 Round completed
20:00 Start times for Sunday are published on PDGA


If not all divisions have participants the tee times below will be adjusted. places not used in one division can be handed out to participants in other divisions.

If the number of competitors in one division is not divisible with four also groups with three players are allowed unless 144 players compete in the event.

If a division has five competitors, the four best plays in the same group. The fifth player will play with players in from one or more players from other divisions.

If a division has more than eight players, the remaining players (place 9 and below) will start their final round before the final groups in other divisions. For example: place 9–12 in FPO start before place 5–8 in MPG.

Tee time White (MPO) Yellow (non-MPO)
8:30 72–69 MPG 16–13
8:40 68–65 MPG 12–9
8:50 64–61 MPM 20–17
9:00 60–57 MPM 16–13
9:10 56–53 MPM 12–9
9:20 52–49 FPO 12–9
9:30 —— MPG 8–5
9:40 48–45 MPG 4–1
9:50 44–41 MPM 8–5
10:00 40–37 MPM 4–1
10:10 36–33 FJ2 4–1
10:20 32–29 MJ2 8–5
10:30 —— MJ2 4–1
10:40 28–25 FJ1 4–1
10:50 24–21 MJ1 8–5
11:00 20–17 MJ1 4–1
11:10 16–13 FPO 8–5
11:20 —— FPO 4–1
11:30 12–9
11:40 8–5
11:50 ——
12:00 4–1
16:30 Price ceremony is completed

Tie breaker holes

Yellow course Hole 1, 2, 11, CTP on 12
White course 1, 2, 9, CTP on 10


Make sure you book ackommodation in time since the event Summer Burst takes place this weekend in Gothenburg.

Uspastorp Conference Center
This is the accomodation located closest to the course (about 1 km), a really cozy place with good prices.
Contact them by email a.tallheden@telia.com or on their Facebook page, their webpage is only in Swedish.
The only have about 30 rooms so you need to be quick if you want to stay here.

Fars Hatt
12 km from the course, multiple languages available on web page.

Scandic Backadal
24 km from the course, multiple languages available on web page but book by email backadal@scandichotels.com using the booking code Ale discgolf to receive the following prices:

Ale Discgolfcenter lacks the necessary permits to allow camping, therefor we cannot allow tenting or RVs. If you want to camp, contact Uspastorp Conference Center (see contact info above) and verify that that they have room.


Grilled hamburgers will be sold for 50 SEK, cash is preferred since the grilling for obvious reasons takes places outside. The shop also sells snacks and beverages.

At Ale torg (7 minutes by car from the course) you’ll have several restaurants to chose from: pizza, sushi, thai, McDonalds and more.
Here you also have two food markets, a pharmacy (not open on Sundays) and a sports store.


Results and groups will be published shortly after each round on pdga.com/tour/event/31825. If the PDGA upload isn’t available the results will temporay be published in this forum thread on DiscgolfSweden


Any questions can be placed in the forum thread on DiscgolfSweden or in the Facebook event.