Host events at Ale Discgolfcenter

Host events at Ale Disc Golf Center

Anyone can host an event at Ale Disc Golf Center .

PDGA sanctioned events

PDGA sanctioned events are events that have been approved by Professional Disc Golf Association (PDGA). These events have requirements regarding equipment, rules, prices, dress code and much more.

During PDGA sanctioned events the competing players only have to pay half the green fee, the total green fees are paid by the tournament director.

We want to be notified of which course you intend to compete on and your desired event date at least two months prior to the event. The Tournament Director should have sanctioned the event with PDGA at least one month prior to the event so the event also is visible in PDGA’s competition calendar.

The course will normally not be closed to other players during the event. If you want the course to be closed for normal visitors during peak season, you should contact us at least four months prior to the event and in these cases, we need to have financial guarantees. If you plan your event late in the season the conflict with regular visitors will be smaller which is positive.

Extra holes

During PDGA sanctioned events extra holes we don’t allow extra holes, only the standard layouts can be used since this is recommended both by PDGA and by the Swedish Disc Golf Association. As a bonus usage of the standard layouts allow the possibility to set course records, official personal records and the PDGA database will be filled with result from the our courses. Exceptions may occur but our basic philosophy is that it is not allowed.

Non-PDGA sanctioned events

For non-PDGA sanctioned events no specific conduct apply, the players pay normal green fees and the course will not be closed for regular visitors.

Extra holes

When the event is not sanctioned normal rules do not apply and if we have the time and resources we can assist in adding extra holes.

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