The Ale Tour 2018


The Ale tour is during 2018 played on Thursdays May through August.
Even weeks a competition is played on the white course and uneven weeks a competition is played on the yellow course.
This means that the first event will be played on the white course the 3rd of May and the first event on the yellow course will be played on the 10th of May

The last event date for the white course will be the 23rd of August and on the yellow course the 30th of August.

The event starts at 6:00 PM and the round will approximately take 1½ hour on the yellow course and two hours on the white course.


You register in advance on Spinn…


The cost to participate is 100 SEK per tour so if you participate on both tours it will be 200 SEK, regardless of the number of events you participate in.
For players without a seasons card a Greenfee of 75 SEK is added.


You can participate in one or both tours.

There will be nine events per tour and the five best scores are counted for the total standings.

Results handling

We will use Spinn för for creating groups, starting the event and results handling for both tours.