Rules of conduct

The following rules always apply:


A player must nut:

PDGA rule § 812 Courtesy →


A player may not break, bend or hold back any part of a tree or vegetation in order to make room for their throwing motion or their path to the basket.
The rules require you to take the “least invasive” stance behind your disc, this includes ”backing into the vegetation and at the same time make room for your throw These violations results in one penalty throw without warning. Breaking of branches can also result in the person being banned from the premises.
PDGA rule § 803 Hinder →

Pace of play

All competitors shall play without undue delay and make every effort to keep up with the group in front of them. This means that the group size is recommended to consist of no more than five players. Slower groups should look behind them and let quicker groups pass.
PDGA-regel § 3.02 →

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