Rules of conduct

Rules of conduct

Disc golf has, just like regular golf, rules that must be followed. When you play a casual round it’s up to you and your company to decide which rules you apply, but the following official rules must always be followed. Some of the rules under the official PDGA  paragraphs have been left out and some have been clarified, but all these rules apply to all our courses:

§ 812 Courtesy

A player must nut:

  • throw if the throw might injure someone or obviously distract another player.
  • Engage in unsportsmanlike actions such as:
    • shouting
    • cursing,
    • striking, kicking, or throwing course, or player equipment
  • Litter, including cigarette butts!
    We have ashtrays on the courses so bring the cigarette butts to the ashtrays.On the yellow course you’ll find them by tee 7 and 14 and on the white course by tee 5, 12 and 17. We also hav an ashtray by the shop.

A player receives a warning for the first violation of any courtesy rule. Each subsequent violation of any courtesy rule by that player in the same round incurs one penalty throw.

§ 803 Obstacles

A player may not break, bend or hold back any part of a tree or vegetation in order to make room for their throwing motion or their path to the basket.
The rules require you to take the “least invasive” stance behind your disc, this includes “backing into the vegetation and at the same time make room for your throw These violations results in one penalty throw without warning.

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