If the shop is opened (see opening hours) all visitors should pay their greenfees in the shop. Du can pay in several ways:

  • Stugan från parkeringenSwish to +46 730–82 50 90 (recipient is Jonas Grundén),
  • cash, or
  • credit card.

When you’ve paid your greenfee you’ll receive a receipt which you should bring with you when you play. If you’ve paid and started your round before the shop has opened, stop by the shop when convinient and pickup your receipt.

If you don’t have a season card and want to play a round when the shop is closed, you can pay in the several ways:

  • Swish to +46 730–82 50 90 (recipient is Jonas Grundén), or
  • cash in the mailbox slot in the building behind the tee of white 1.

You also have the possibility to use an international money transfer, SEPA-transfers does not cost any extra money but other ways can be quite expensive (check with your bank). Use the following for international money transfers:

  • IBAN number: SE4350000000051521024626
  • BIC code (SWIFT address): ESSESESS


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