Lost and Found

Lost discs

Every year hundreds of discs are lost on our courses and most of them are returned to us.

Every week we received questions regarding if specific discs have been returned to us but we are very sorry to say that we can’t spend time searching after specific discs since this takes a lot of time. We would appreciate very much if you instead ask your friends to check our lost n’ found shelf next time they visit (if you won’t visit yourself) instead of sending the requests and questions to us.

We do however absolutely understand how it feels to lose a precious disc (we’re disc golfers as well) so we will save all returned discs for one year in the shop. During this year you (or any visiting friend) can looks through the discs when the shop is open, and get your lost discs back. The shelves with the lost n’ found discs are located directly on your left when entering the shop.

If the disc is with us after one year we will donate the discs to local schools or other charity organizations.

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