Course status

Closed courses 2017

2 of September White course is closed since an event on the West Coast Tour is competing here.
The yellow course is open for recreational play.

Yellow course

All holes are opened without limitations.

White course

The white course is open but with limitations. On many holes we struggle to get grass growing so please walk carefully. If the fairways suffer to much damage we will be forced to close more holes until the grass starts to grow. If your disc lands in a wet area, please use free-drop from a dry area next to it.

Hole Status
4. The area before the big first sweet-spot  is closed. If you land here, fetch your disc carefully and throw your next throw from an area outside the closed area. The hole is now extended to par-5.
5. The hole is shortened 10–15 meter since the ground on the end of the fairway needs to settle. We will extend the hole as soon as the ground allows this. The path to the temporay tee 6 is clearly marked.

This hole will most likely be shortened all year but hopefully extended as intended 2018.

12. We have big ditches alongside and crossing the fairway. Do not go down into the ditches to fetch disc, we will have tools made available to fetch the discs. Please return the tools to a visible spot so the next player can find it. The ditch on the left hand side will be OB, OB sticks will be placed on the inside of the ditch.

It’s very important that these restrictions are respected.

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